Abuja, Nigeria
Amman, Jordan
Apex, North Carolina
Baghdad, Iraq
Bogata, Columbia
Istanbul, Turkey
Kabul, Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan
Mexico City, Mexico
Miami, Florida
Mumbai, India
Nairobi, Kenya
Panama City, Panama Panama City, Panama
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan
Tripoli, Libya
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TigerSwan | Guardian Angel

Corporate Overview

The world has changed. Government and commercial organizations operating in a globally interconnected marketplace face challenges that inject risk and uncertainty into their business processes.

Founded by former members of Delta Force, the U.S. Army’s elite tactical division, TigerSwan helps you minimize these risks by providing full-spectrum, asymmetric solutions to allow your business to operate safely in today’s global environment and provide you a strategic advantage – a global presence.

TigerSwan’s holistic service offerings include Guardian Angel's Emergency Assistance Beacons, NIFE Safety and Security Solutions, Due Diligence, Construction, Secure Executive Housing and Life Support, Advisory Services, and Service Integration and Management (SIAM).

Corporate Vulnerability Survey

  • Are you avoiding an untapped market for safety or logistical reasons?
  • Have you experienced safety, security or proprietary breaches?
  • Do your employees, facilities, networks or processes generate sources of loss for your company?
  • Do your executives travel to unfamiliar territories?
  • Does your company face risks that could trigger your worst case scenario if left unaddressed?
  • Do you verify the truth beyond paper when executing mergers, acquisitions or agreements?


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